Feb. 27, 2021

The Asnwers To Many Of Our Black Community Problems Our Written In Our Books

I truly enjoy pressing my intellectual capabilities to lead to the creation of my provoked black thoughts that are posted on my online Blackman’s blog. I also thoroughly enjoy all the viewers who come to support my work. What I want to see is a black nation of Black readers and writers encouraging other Black folks to expand their intellectual capabilities daily. I firmly believe that ignorance of the facts of oppression has been one of our most powerful barriers to gaining equality and justice in this nation. Our Black communities can only blame themselves for being in that predicament. Because the resources to gaining that knowledge have been at our fingertips for at the least the past 55 years but we have failed to assist the majority of our brothers and sisters to develop the techniques in uncovering those facts. What good is having Black History Months every year if we continue to stagnant and not progress? What good is just continuing to think that our oppressors are truly invested in our Black communities gaining knowledge? When the actual act of knowledge acquisition by the Black communities weakens the policies of white supremacy. So, why am I a supporter of Black History Month because our Black communities need every motivator of black historical knowledge acquisition that is available? I also must force the issue that just because Black History Month is over on Monday. The journey to inform the masses beyond the significant historical names and accomplishments must never wane because of the date of the calendar. If we are to gain true economic and political power in this nation we must understand the 400 years plus history of our black journey in this nation. That my friends aren't a 28 day trip through February every year celebrating Black History Month. You see knowledge acquired must generate community change. So as I end my month-long celebration of the outstanding work that is being done by the Equal Justice Initiative. I ask that we continue to ask the questions of how do we move this nation on a path to correct its past misdeeds done to our Black ancestors. We can only address the issue with a community of comprehending thinkers who are capable of asking the questions that need to be answered. So pick up some books, journals, and media resources that will provide your mind with the intellectual resources necessary to win this battle. Because the path to this victory is written in the books. Take care my friends.