Feb. 26, 2021

We Need Some Tubman Clones To Free Some Black Minds

Harriet Tubman was indeed a majestic force of dynamic resistance. Ms. Tubman personally assisted in freeing about 300 of our enslaved ancestors from the chains of bondage. That was a tremendous accomplishment by this diminutive woman of small stature but who held within her self the power to directly confront the forces of American white supremacy. Yet in terms of the number of enslaved Americans of African descent Harriett Tubman versus the number of Americans of African descent those 300 souls were microscopic in real numbers 300 freed over 4,000,000 enslaved. Harriett Tubman needed thousands or more Harriett Tubman’s in order to crush the system of American Slavery. Harriett Tubman got that support in the battle within this nation between the states to decide the fate of those 4,000,000 enslaved Americans of African descent. Over 180,000 Americans of African descent joined the Union forces to eventually crush the rebels of the Confederacy and end the nightmare that was black human bondage. If those 180,000 soldiers had been educated and then educated the 4,000,000 formerly enslaved Americans of African descent about what was due them for the free labor their provided this nation in securing it’s prominence and enormous wealth nationally and internationally. Then, I am sure that our Americans of African descent ancestors would’ve secured the reparations that was due us by the end of the 19th century. However, because our ancestors were blocked from gaining the knowledge that would’ve been necessary to challenge those who would’ve been barriers to our ancestors gaining reparations. It was almost an impossibility for our ancestors to secure economic reparations because all the economic books that contained this nation’s wealth was closed to black faces and black minds. For more than 100 years after the end of the Civil War, the end of American Slavery in 1865 Americans of African descent have faced those closed economic books that detailed the value of the free labor that our ancestors provided to the United States that allowed this nation to accrue unbelievable wealth. The agencies of the federal, state, and municipal governments put in place fiscal policies that limited Americans of African descent from gaining any foothold in building wealth as a community of people in this nation. Now, Americans of African descent face enormous challenge. The challenge is how do we educate the nearly 40,000,000 Americans of African descent to understand that not only is the battle for reparations a just battle, but how do we convince ourselves that the battle is indeed winnable. In order to win we must educate, educate, educate our black communities about the philosophy of how our the free labor our ancestors provided from 1619-1965 made White America great and Black America decrepit and always needy. We got to understand that this battle is a personal battle that will not be encouraged of supported by the majority of White America. This means that the process of educating our black communities will not be done through the current curriculums that are being utilized in the public schools today. Why? Because those curriculums were developed to support and maintain white control and white supremacy policy. So somehow we must find 2021 versions of Harriett Tubman’s who will now free the minds not the bodies of black communities across this country. We gotta find thousands of Tubman clones because one simply will not do. Because changing 300 souls will not move the needle towards reparations that are definitely due us. The research is out there and available now we simply need to consolidate and package it so it can be easily delineated and taught. That’s why we must secure black communities who are universally literate and committed to this common goal. Who wants to be the new Harriett Tubman’s committed to freeing black minds towards fully comprehending what gaining reparations can do to uplifting our communities. A minimum wag of $15.00 an hour won’t do it, nor will a few thousand dollar stimulus checks. Our black communities are owed trillions of dollars and it’s damn time for America to pay up. They ignored our ancestors cries out in the darkness and allowed that darkness to turn to despair. This is my cry for justice. Who will join me. Harriett Tubman was forced into working with small numbers because the white society that powered this nation promoted black ignorance. We have got to force this issue now or else forget it forever.