Feb. 24, 2021

Insufficient Check

Today I am remembering not the dream we almost all remember from August 28, 1963 but I am remembering what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke of prior to speaking of the dream. Dr. King discussed the urgency of cashing that insufficient check in that speech. He became more adamant about cashing that check due Black Americans in the last 730 days of his life in his call for wealth redistribution and reparations. How are we still discussing this and not actually acting on implementing some form of reparations? Why do black men like Elder, and Walker seemingly deny King’s dream about reparations but say they honor Martin Luther King? Why do national political leaders say they honor Dr. King but refuse to mention the words reparations and Black Americans in the same sentence. Dr. King didn’t get murdered for his dream of an integrated society. He was murdered because he continued to demand the cashing of that insufficient check due us.