Feb. 18, 2021

Who Pays America For John Griggs? Hershel Walker Shut Your Trap

Yesterday, the prime example that our black communities shouldn't be looking to our black athletes or black entertainers to be the bellwethers for any positive change occurred in a virtual presentation regarding the BILL HR40 occurred, when Hershel Walker went off the rails intellectually to discuss his opposition to the payment of reparations to the descendants of the African Americans who were terrorized in this nation from let's say August 20, 1619 to the signing of the Voting Rights Bill of 1965. I am going to leave out the periods of mass incarcerations that followed as well the purposeful destruction by the United States of the voices of uplift that spoke of lifting Black Americans out of the depths of despair from 1966 until let's say 2008 with the election of Barack Obama, who was the first multiracial individual to hold the highest elective office in the land. I believe Walker said that "atonement would not help Black people". Malcolm X felt that Black celebrities who have a proximity to capital, fame, and fortune couldn't be aligned or reconciled with the "Black masses". The words that Walker spoke yesterday reinforced that very thought yesterday. Walker's ill informed talk was completely devoid of any specifics that addressed the historic harms that not only enslavement caused or the century of harm that was caused after the supposed elimination of that murderous institution. It seems Walker didn't mention all the crimes of economic deprivation caused by sharecropping, convict leasing, outright white mob driven terror that drove Black Americans to give up land ownership, the perils of blackness that lead to lynching and atrocious acts of terror into the 1950s' and 1960s'. That wasn't 130 years ago Mr. Walker it was not even one ring around the oak trees in the southern states that held strange fruits. Today I posted on my blog the terror driven murder and lynching of John Griggs, a black man who simply was targeted by the white mob for associating with a white woman. Guess Mr. Walker didn't want to acknowledge any atonement was needed for this murder. You see Mr. Walker if you were in Mr. Griggs position in that your former wife was white. You, Mr. Walker could've been hanging from tree as well. Today, I simply say if any House of Representative committee wants to hear points of views regarding reparation's pro and cons. You don't have to go to a washed up professional football player like Hershel Walker. You need to go to our HBCU's history departments talk real facts not conjectures. You see we don't need a Commission To Study Reparations. What we need is a Commission To Study and Determine Payment Schedules. Who pays America for John Griggs's final terror filled moments of life? Who pays for those of our ancestors whose lives were forever changed who witnessed and heard about this act of white mob violence?