Feb. 10, 2021

The Arrogance Of American Whiteness

"“When I looked at the videos of the white mob assault of the United States Congress on 1/6/21 my mind took me back to 8/28/63, and then to April 1968 and then to 10/15/1995 and then to 10/15/15 and my respect for this American Government, supposedly the American Government of all the people diminished greatly. You must understand this important fact about the UNITED STATES CAPITOL BUILDING it was built with hands of skilled and unskilled free slave labor. Those black hands, black arms, black minds, black body power was deemed inferior to white Americans at the time. So during the four mass gatherings of black Americans in 1963, 1968, 1995, and 2015 the respect given that magnificent edifice was due to the factual knowledge that our ancestors blood, sweat, and tears was invested mightily in the construction of the Capitol. So although white politicians from both parties feared that black Americans would ravage the Capitol. The barriers were placed strategically to protect the Capitol. It was never threatened by the more than 2 million black men, women, and children who came to the Capitol steps to voice their demands. Because, our ancestors defied logic and created this building with pride. A building whose white occupants never those workers respected them as humans during almost 200 years of the Capitol Building’s existence. Yet, in matter hours white mobs overtook the Capitol Building and all that was supposedly righteous about this country’s democracy was exposed as a lie. The arrogance of American whiteness was on full display for all the world to see. One final thought the need to satisfy the call for reparations for the descendants of Americans of African descent increased immensely.”

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