Feb. 8, 2021

Provoked Question?

Was the NEW TESTAMENT of the BIBLE introduced to ensure that white supremacy would endure with the turn the other cheek philosophical teachings of Jesus Christ? Also did the NEW TESTAMENT had the philosophical structures of waiting until heaven to receive your blessings and giving a pass to racism with the atonement of Jesus Christ for the sins of man by being put to death on the cross? The OLD TESTAMENT also was vicious in the way GOD treated those of his enemies and protected the enslaved. Also, it seems the OLD TESTAMENT was about seeking revenge and casting out evil by any means necessary and white supremacy could be considered quite evil and that evil needed to be cast aside. So, the originators of white supremacy understand that human dilemma and create the NEW TESTAMENT to provide both the enslaver and the enslaved a solution that would keep both in their place. As well as allow white supremacy to be imperial in conquest and yet still righteous with the talk of loving your brother while at the time being able to oppress them with righteous rightness."

Monday Question