Feb. 4, 2021

Issues We Need White Americans Will Never Accept

These issues are a BLACK PLAGUE to White Americans 

This shouldn’t come as a revelation to those conscious black folks in this nation but there are a number of black community issues that the white establishment will never willing concede to.  These are what I now call the Black Plague issues because of these issues are avoided by all sectors of white society. Oh, you may have a few liberal-minded whites willing to crossover to at least be amenable to discuss some aspects of these black community issues but the reality is only through some forceful action will any significant move towards white societal acceptance will these issues be implemented. Today, I intend  to speak to two of those Black Plague issues that will never see the light of day without our black communities coming together in a unified and defiant matter to bring about some type of coherent resolution. The first Black Plague issue which I feel is foremost to the black community but doesn’t register currently in the white community is economic reparations for crimes and terrorism our ancestors faced during and after enslavement. The fact that land reparations was promised and denied our ancestors makes no difference to the white communities in this nation. The fact that documented evidence of white mob terrorism against black communities after the so-called emancipation means little or nothing to white Americans today. The fact that the government which black Americans paid taxes too municipal, state, and federal authorized or ignored acts of terror, murder, mayhem and economic deprivation means little or nothing to white communities today. The fact that it can be proven that white wealth was predicated on the backs of black oppression means little to white Americans today. The fact way into the late 20th Century black American communities were flooded by the federal government with arms and drugs for profit and funding of international military action means little to white Americans today. The fact that the international world body “The United Nations” has deemed that black Americans are due reparations means little to white Americans today. Why? Because those two simple words, black reparations, are a Black Plague issue that cannot and will not be considered by even the white Americans in the political party that black Americans have been loyal to since 1960 without fail, The Democratic Party has deemed reparations a nonstarter issue for discussion. The funny thing is black American Democratic legislators won’t even broach the subject seriously. They will sidestep the term black reparations for fear of losing acceptance by the majority white American population. Just say the word black reparations the next time you are in the room with a group of white Americans and I betcha you will feel the effects of the Black Plague.


The next Black Plague issue that is important to black American communities but is essentially a nonstarter for white Americans is the defunding and demilitarization of the police departments across the country. You can have verifiable evidence that the police whether local, state, or federal have done malicious acts of murder and mayhem against black communities but no way in hell will the majority of white Americans agree to defund or demilitarize law enforcement agencies in this nation. It simply isn’t going to happen period. You may get a few young white folks to join you on the streets to oppose law enforcement acts of murder and mayhem but as far as defunding or demilitarization of those law enforcement agencies are concerned the political parties which base much of there economic viability on lobbying efforts of law enforcement unions. Well, there will sidestep that issue well just as if it is a Black Plague. What maybe sensible and reasonable to black Americans who feel the bulk of the acts of aggressive law enforcement acts of violence is irrational to white Americans who think that the only way to control black Americans is to have militarily armed thugs monitoring black youths. Yes, I have named two Black Plague issues today. I am sure that white Americans have a few more issues that widen the gap between those who benefit from far better treatment and black Americans. What are some other Black Plague issues that will never gain acceptance by white Americans?