Feb. 2, 2021

Peace, Love , and Soul Took His Life 9 Years Ago

Black History Month
February 1, 2012

You know what my very first thought's upon hearing about Don Cornelius's, Peace, Love and Soul suicide was why did this black man who opened the door of success and a better life for so many black entertainers to pass through, why not one of these people were around to support Don Cornelius to have the thoughts of living just one more day then another. Where were these folks that needed Don Cornelius to open that door to stop Don Cornelius from closing his life door? Why did Don Cornelius this musical legend and promoter of love, peace and soul feel so detached from those words yesterday? The only peace he could find was at the end of a gun that blasted away his love and soul and his life. Today, we hear the tributes and memories of a man's worth but yesterday when those words could have truly meant something the only sound in Don Cornelius's home was the sound of gunfire inflicted by him. Did he simply feel that the world had lost all meaning and no one cared about this icon of our community? I wonder in the milliseconds before the bullet pierced his brain did he wonder this? Why isn’t no one around to stop me from acting on this moment of madness?