Jan. 31, 2021

The David Principle For Black Americans

Walk in Faith "BELIEVE" you can beat those Goliath's that confront you in your life. Let’s have a discussion today about one of the greatest black Hebrews of all time King David. Before David ruled Israel. David was shepherd boy who was faced with one of the greatest physical obstacles of all time. Yet, David overcame that obstacle because he had the inner faith required to face his enemies even though he may have feared the consequences. His personal demise was on the line when he confronted Goliath on battlefield with rock pebbles and slingshot. The Old Testament is full of stories that encourages the downtrodden to face up to the oppressors. I believe that one reason the New Testament came about was that turning the other cheek was not the philosophy of the Old Testament. As a matter of fact the downtrodden were encouraged not to turn the other cheek but to turn against those who oppressed them with murderous force. Listen and view my video this afternoon to understand the magnificent call that David made on that battlefield. Our black communities need to understand, internalize and adopt the David Battlefield Principle as we continue to confront bigotry, racism and oppression in America today. Thousands of years since David faced Goliath and the Philistine armies the lessons are there still to be learned.