Jan. 29, 2021


There has been some questions about one of my recent posts regarding the black people allegiance to the Democratic Party without gaining the necessary tangibles that are deemed vital to lifting our black communities from the dire circumstances. I mentioned that our allegiance to the Democratic Party hasn’t proved to be favorable since the the almost century of blindfolded commitment. Promises made weren’t kept. They became promises broken. All around our communities are evidenced consequences of those broken promises. More than a century ago our ancestors were facing the same dilemma with another political party. The Republican Party was the so-called emancipation party for the former slaves and first and second generation descendants. Yet, all over the country the white Republicans were in a constant state of denial of the repressive and oppressive conditions that were being inflicted on the more than 95% of black Americans living south of the Mason Dixon Line. In addition, those bigoted white supremacy conditions toward black Americans were moving to the supposedly freer former Union States. The time for a change was clearly evident during the early years of the 20th Century.

Two black men offered alternative political solutions to our ancestors. Edwin Garrison Walker, son of David Walker proposed that our ancestors no longer seek total allegiance to a specific political party. He felt that the time for political maturity had come and that party affiliations had no true meaning for Black Americans. His demand was for race over party. That our ancestors must not be fooled into in unblinded loyalty with substantive tangibles. The second black American, Timothy Fortune, the editor of The New Age, coined a term “negrowumpism” a few years later. It was essentially the same directive that Edwin Walker had proposed. The issues most important to the negro communities would be the issues supported by our communities not political party affiliations. So, as always historically understanding of our past experiences provides a pathway to bringing solutions to our current situations.

We must demand tangibles from whichever political party will provide them. This blindfolded allegiance which we once had for the Republican Party ended due in large measure because white Republicans allowed Black Reconstruction to end and Jim Crow Construction to prosper. We must think again on how best to proceed in the coming decades. Will the Democratic Party adhere and seriously consider providing reparations to our communities? Will they seriously consider rebuilding our damaged black communities? Will they provide the necessary financial and technological resources to elevate our broken public black community schools? Or will they continue to feel empowered to ignore those pressing concerns because they are aware that 90% of black Americans have this unmitigated blind allegiance without tangible results to the Democratic Party?

So, when you saw the post which mentioned the possibility of looking at other political avenues for black Americans to seek tangible results. It was based truly on the premise of race over party or my newly minted word “blackwumpism”. We must either seek a truly independent or separate political allegiance or seek partnering with a political party that will not take advantage of us because that political party feels we have no other route to go to attain our specific objectives.




30.01.2021 15:43

Chris Godfrey

Voting as a block is scary. Up until recently I was a one issue voter. My book club opened my eyes to all the other ways life was being trivialized. But it takes a committed education and an open mind

31.01.2021 18:38

Joseph Hall

We as a community have been block voting without gaining tangibles almost from the very date we gained voting rights in 1870 and again in 1965. The time is now to vote race over party