Jan. 29, 2021

Provoked Political Thoughts Aging Do-Nothing Politicians

There are simply way too many old career politicians in Washington we are depending on to correct the issues and concerns that many of them are responsible for creating in the first place. How can you really except the real end results to meet real end change? So many of these old career politicians are responsible for the conditions that suppress us. Whether they be Republican or Democratic are they really in the corner of those in need of new policies? I mean we really are depending on 70 and 80 year-olds to pull us out of this mess? If you can have term limits in the Executive Branch of our government. Why can’t we demand the same for the Legislative Branch of government? I know one thing the introduction of term limits would end the everlasting tenure of career politicians like Mitch McConnell’s old grumpy ass constantly disrupting possible positive policy change. Another thing I could buy into? The national election of Speaker of the House in Congress . Since that person is number 3 in presidential succession why have that person elected just as the President and Vice President are elected? Also, let introduce 4 year terms in both the Congress and the US Senate. These four year terms would align all elected offices on the same political clock with the maximum number of years that each elected official can serve being no longer than 12 years. With these term limits I feel fresh ideas will be introduced and policies representing solutions that are needed in a world growing smaller every minute. Aren’t you sick and tired of seeing these white and black elderly people mucking up the machinations of progressive growth? I know I am. Real change will never come until we really change those responsible for implementing that change. I think this country needs a Constitutional Convention for the 21st Century? How about you? Just a few reflective Friday thoughts on political change.