Jan. 28, 2021

A Black Man Leaving No One Behind

In our black communities there is need to constantly develop pillars who have the capacity to identify potential young pillars who will drive forward the goals and the objectives for future generations. I am lucky enough to know and identify with one of these pillars, Reginald Shareef. If you don’t know that name. You should do you best to research this brother’s accomplishments. Because soon he will contribute greatly to leading our communities to motivating and identifying the future black boys and girls, who will change the dynamics of progress and how that progress is measured exponentially. Known to many as simply Cool Mill, who grew up on the rough streets of Homewood in Smoketown, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My fraternity brother is newly identified favored son because he truly believes in the concept of leaving no one behind. This Blackman deserves all the recognition he can gain through his Initiatitive IT’S COOL TO BE SMART. I want the entire black nation to jump onboard his train of progression because it has so many dimensions of growth that our communities need today. If we can gather all our current community pillars in a room I truly believe we can solve many of the issues that trouble our black communities today. What I’m most happy about is that I know one of those pillars with substantive answers to address today and tomorrow’s concerns. I am providing two links that will provide those black folks in my social media and internet family to get to know this amazing brother, Reginald “Cool Mill” Shareef, a true pillar to building strong black communities.