Jan. 25, 2021

Harriett’s Face On That Place Isn’t Reparations

Understand this Black Americans putting a black face no matter who that face is isn’t reparations. It’s not a tangible. It won’t feed a starving family, educate an illiterate child, or put heat in a home without electricity. It simply is a diversion to give you a sense of symbolism without reward. Biden and Harris refuse to mention the words black and reparations in the same sentence. Yet, the decide that to keep those of us fooled to remain foolish. Hell, Harriett Tubman understood the fact that Field Order #15 was supposedly our reality that was stolen from us. Now 156 years later the political party that was chiefly responsible for that thief come with this a black face on a twenty dollar bill. Happy for your votes black folks but as usual the Democratic Party is moving on without satisfying our deserved needs.


27.01.2021 12:28

Lance Richard Carson

To me and my thoughts they aren’t ever going to admit there Quilts of there wrong doing because that would take away the facts that they conquered us as a people 🤬👀👍🏾🔥✊🏾