Jan. 24, 2021

Provoked Thoughts Barack Obama’s Struggles

This is a PROVOKED THOUGHT you may disagree with it but it is something I personally feel. I know Barack Obama recently spirited the nomination and election of Joe Biden to the Presidency. My question is after 8 years in office our communities gave Mr. Obama a pass. Why? You wanna know why I disagree with those who say Barack Obama had a tremendous impact in the black communities during his two term as President? Because, Barack Obama once said that it took courage for those in power to help the most vulnerable in the communities across this nation. Even though that thought was predicated on gaining support for his healthcare program. If he had that thought in that case you know it carried over to all his policies related to our communities. Is that why Obama never truly addressed black issues? He had a lack of courage.
I cannot ever in my wildest imagination seeing Dr. King saying such a thing, nor would Malcolm X, nor would Medgar Evers, nor would Vernon Johns ever mentioning the word courage as a motivating factor in helping those in need in our communities. I can imagine all four of my heroes saying that it takes personal commitment to humanity and morality but certainly not courage. What takes courage is to be vulnerable in this nation because everyday is a personal struggle.


25.01.2021 01:49

Anthony Ulysses Holmon

I agree with this wholeheartedly you are on point