Jan. 21, 2021

JANUARY 21st Moving On Or Staying Put

America’s transfer of political power in the Executive Branch of Government is indeed an impressive display of pomp and circumstance. So it is understandable that Black Americans get caught up in the glitz and glamour of the day. However, the most important thing for our black communities to comprehend is that historically this transfer of power has done little to improve the wealth of black communities, the educational stature of black communities, the physical improvement of the blighted neighborhoods in black communities, the police mistreatment of residents in black communities, and finally the lowering of the despair felt by the residents in those black communities. You see America’s transfer of polemical power has yet to reflect a transfer of tangible policies that truly benefit black communities. So take away the glitz and glamour and the pomp and circumstance on starting January 21st in American History the question still remains unanswered when will a change in political power in the Executive Branch of America’s Government reflect policies or strategies that uplift us beyond seeing us at the ceremony reflecting or elevating the ceremony? We need tangible change now in our black communities. What President has truly lead that charge up racism and oppression hill to destroy that monster? Have a great Thursday but now we must carefully analyze each day’s policy choices to ensure we are no longer ignored. We should be way past pomp and circumstance and focused now on a constructive policy change.