Jan. 20, 2021

The Black Blogger & MLK Remember Dante Barksdale Hopes For Safe Streets In Baltimore

B'more, Chi-Town, Philly, Oaktown, H-Town, Big D, The Apple, The Queen Cities, Twin Cities, Richmond, Atlanta all these enclaves where potential black male talent is stuck down in the dawn of their existence by brothers of the same cloth​ and color. We need to implement the love of each other now more than ever. Yes, Dante Barksdale grew up in blighted urbanization that stifled his potential. The deprivation around him made him think that only street crime and violence was his only option. Yet, as he grew and looked around, Dante Barksdale saw the utter hopelessness of that choice. He sought to change the optics. He sought safe streets to build hope. Yet the hope Dante sought was bloodied by the hatred always seemingly around the next street corner, alleyway, or vestibule. Dante Barksdale caught a bullet and the streets are not much safer in Baltimore.

Just as King professed in this sermon on the love of your enemies. I may have questioned King’s love of the white bigots who's sole purpose is our race’s destruction. But the love of your black brothers is and should be a given.
No way would Dr. King had ever envisioned the scores of black bodies mounting and raising in our city morgues because of our black communities' hatred of each other. This sermon is just as relevant today as it was on that fall day November 17, 1957. We need to learn to love our enemie. Understand that our perceived enemies need never be anything more than our black brothers. We must look within ourselves for that redemption feeling and brotherly love. We are indeed and should be our black brother's keepers not our black brother’s killers.