Jan. 15, 2021

Jemile Hill On Point Just Some Clarifications

Jemile Hill you are always on point seemingly except this Twitter post from yesterday was a bit confusing. Yes, Abraham Lincoln emancipated slaves not being held in all confederate territories controlled by Union military forces on January 1, 1863. Yes, he did in fact pay 900 slave owners in the District of Columbia on April 16, 1862, reparations while in the midst of the Civil War. The payments to each slave owner amounted to $300.00 for each District of Columbian slave. So, yes the only reparations that were indeed paid during the Civil War was paid in 1862.

Of course Lincoln offered slavery reparations to the rebels of the confederacy numerous times both publicly and privately. Lincoln’s final offer of $400.00 per slave for those who could prove ownership of our ancestors was made 2 months before the end of the Civil War. However, Alexander Stephen and the other Confederacy representatives said no to the reparations because they wanted their slaves not the money.

So, yes, Jemile, Lincoln paid reparations to satisfy 900 District of Columbia slave owners but the majority of white slave owners even knowing that a certain defeat to Union forces wanted not monies but the continuation of slavery. As a matter of fact within 2 decades those white slave owners and their white descendants had their slaves back under a more dangerous and deadly condition motivated by Jim Crow and Black Codes.

No healing just a continuation of the same racial hatred and oppression that have afflicted black Americans for over 400 years.