Jan. 12, 2021

Not The Time To Unfocused

"“I hear a great deal of talk about accountability coming from sides of the political aisle now. What about accountability as it relates to the enormous negative effects of the government’s racist policies that has severely diminished black Americans over the past 400 years? Where is that accountability folks? Why is that accountability discussion ignored by both sides of the political aisle? Who’s talking about a Contract With Black Americans now that the election is over? Two cabinet seats, a few undersecretary positions and head back to the rear of bus negroes. Ella Baker talked about hamburgers today’s black Americans need to understand a few political perks in 2021 is the same as a hamburger in 1960. Don’t allow the demands for true change to be sidelined and maligned. It’s now the time for black communities to ensure that our issues and demands are aligned.”"