Jan. 11, 2021

"Bigger Than A Couple Of Black Cabinet Secretaries"

In 1966, Lyndon Johnson nominated Roger C. Weaver to his Presidential Cabinet, the post Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. With that appointment Mr. Weaver became the very first African American to hold a position in the cabinet. Since that appointment 54 years, 22 African Americans have held cabinet appointments heading into the incoming Biden Administration. From Johnson to Nixon, Ford to Carter, Reagan to Bush, Clinton to Bush, and Obama to Trump , 22 men and women have been nominated and become cabinet secretaries. In 1967, Johnson nominated Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court of the United States making Justice Marshall the first African American to hold a seat on the nation’s highest court. When Justice Marshall stepped down in 1991, George Bush Sr. nominated Clarence Thomas to become the second African American to sit on the nation’s highest court. During that 54 year period (1966-2020) the gaps in disparity that separated White Americans and Black Americans has continued to expand. In 1960 at Shaw University,Ella Baker, during the formation of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee spoke about student involvement in the Civil Rights Movement was certainly bigger than eating a hamburger at a lunch counter. In 2020 and now 2021 the Equity Movement for Black Americans is certainly larger than a couple of Black American Cabinet Secretaries in the Biden Administration.