Jan. 5, 2021

Aging In Politics Has Been A Terrible Thing For Global Progress

"“Old white folks decimated this country socially as well as destroying global resources and causing the extinction of plants and animals due to neglect and their obtrusive policies. So why do we, American citizens continue to support these men and women who sucked the air right out of the world’s progressiveness? Both of America’s political parties leaders are mostly old and directly responsible for the damage to our environment as well as our communities. So, why do we continue to support them year after year, election after election? Why, I ask? We know we need a breath of fresh air in our political arena. We know and can look around and see the savage results of their policies. You do the research and you must agree with the premise that career politicians aren’t beneficial to our nation’s progress. We have to stop this madness. The reality is that neither party has been a friend to a viable living environment. When will we educate ourselves to the reality that only through term limitations for our elected government leaders will fresh ideas be openly welcomed. The newest movement should be 10 years for congressman and 10 years for Senators which means cutting the term of Senators from 6 to 5 years. No more career politicians to muck up the nation’s progress.”"