Jan. 5, 2021

January 5, 1943 George Washington Carver Dies

78 years ago today a brilliant minded genius died from a fall down the stairs. His name was George Washington Carver who was responsible for so many contributions to the field of agriculture that I wouldn’t dare to try to account for them today. Ancestor Carver was also responsible for the invention of the concept of mass production which drove America’s capitalistic economy. In any other society Mr. Carver’s genes would have been valued and he would have had many heirs to his throne of intellectual genius. However, in America, the land of black racial hatred, George Washington Carver was castrated, denying him of spreading his seeds of personal brilliance. That’s one of the sins of racial bigotry, the shortsighted visions of the oppressors. They stole from Mr. Carver the ability to produce any or multiple future Carvers simply because of racial hatred. Today, I honor George Washington Carver whose life was marred but it didn’t stop him from positively impacting the world around him.