Jan. 4, 2021

January 4, 1971 50 Years Ago the Congressional Black Caucus was Founded

On this date 50 years ago the Congressional Black Caucus was formed with the hope that with its formation the forces of oppression and inequality would now have a worthy political adversary. 50 years later it seems the hope for African Americans that ignited by the formation of the Congressional Black Caucus has flickered away. The goals that the initial members had of creating a significant power block of federally black elected officials has been wasted away with parties, banquets, drinks and corporate donors but no real progress for the most needy of its constituents. Black History has shown us that anytime our people united in an effort to uplift us from the oppression. The oppressors found a way to eliminate or minimize the effort. This time the plot was to force the Congressional Black Caucus off its original points of focus and the oppressors succeeded. 50 years later how relevant is the CBC in our communities? Can you name the current Chairman? Can you name the CBC’s major objectives? Other than the week of parties in Washington DC with the fabulous open corporate sponsored bars and meat and seafood buffets along with the music blasting away until the wee hours of the morning. What truly defines the Congressional Black Caucus today, 50 years later from it historic formation?