Dec. 25, 2020

Make A Joyful Noise Nevermind

"I am going, to be honest with you Christmas has never been a day I cherished from childhood to adulthood. Yes, I gifted my loved ones but I never believed in having Christmas trees and such. I did what I did on Christmas not to satisfy myself but to see the joy in others. I am not a Scrooge in terms of totally disliking this season. I simply feel that the meaning of joy is lost in this nation that allows economic depravity to continue for so many. How can we celebrate Christmas when folks across this nation are suffering so much this year? We have congressional members bickering over whether to give starving Americans $600.00. While they, Washington politicians live in the lap of luxury for the benefit of themselves. I see my Facebook timelines today filled with joyful photos of smiling faces knowing that many of those smiling faces are telling lies of the heartache that lies within them. I attempted to post a true story of Christmas the malicious murder of Harry and Harriet Moore today but Facebook stepped in said hell no. It is against Community Standards even though it was a remembrance of an actual historical event. Why? Because it went against the image of Christmas that is transposed on Americans' minds of hope and joy. So I just will continue to seek out truths and remind our communities across the nation to not allow the fake imagery of this season to mask the realism of suffering that many in our community face today. Have a great remainder of your day. PEACE "