Dec. 18, 2020

Negro Religious Foolishness Of The Highest Order

I usually try to ignore situations I call “negro foolishness” but I grew into a man at The Bethel AME Church in Baltimore. I started attending the church in 1974 at the age of 20. I remember hearing now Bishop Bryant’s stirring sermons and being aroused and captured by the grace and greatness of God like no other time in my life. I saw his son Jamal grow up in the church as a boy then into manhood. So naturally, I somewhat followed Jamal’s ascension into the pulpit. Jamal’s had many ups and quite a few downs in his life as many young African American men experienced. But I just finished listened to his 22 minute diatribe from a Zoom he recorded last night. That was indeed some of the most straight ghetto shit I have ever heard. It seems that baby maker Jamal is again caught up in some negro foolishness again. This time it is being broadcast all over the internet and social media. It revolves around his ex-wife, Bravo, Housewife’s of Potomac, and his ex-wife’s girlfriends. After listening and viewing the Zoom. Let me first say how many paintings can you put on a wall Jamal before it’s one too many? You are supposed to a man of God yet you put yourself in a position to look like Satan’s deliverer. What does the saying I may live in Atlanta but I’m from Baltimore mean? Are going to bust a cap in somebody’s ass? What does don’t come for me unless you’re invited mean? Are you now a whirling dervish of payback? Brother, just how much did BRAVO pay you for that Zoom? Because you surely boosted the rating of this nonsensical show this coming Sunday. Hell, you even invited every member of the New Birth Congregation to watch the show. You told former Washington Redskin offensive tackle Chris Samuel to seek CTE treatment and I believe you accused his wife of having a baby with her trainer. All this supposedly documented in loose leaf binder of dirty facts about black people you keep. I know when you were in Baltimore you spilled quite a bit of dirt in your ascension to becoming one of the leading pastoral figures in the city. But your Dad was my religious Obi Wan Kenobi, so I gave you a pass. Now not so much. It’s pastors like you who run African American Christians from churches. What a shame that you continue to fall into the same media attention trap. You should know by now that  all visibility is good visibility. What I viewed in that 22 minute Zoom feature was pure foolishness at the highest level of negrodom.