Dec. 11, 2020

400 Years Versus 4 Years #Reparations

White Democratic Politicians are quite comfortable talking about a Presidential Crimes Commission MMB to investigate the criminal behavior of Donald Trump. But when the Democrats are asked to investigate the criminal and oppressive behavior of an entire nation spread over 4 centuries against an entire race of peoples. Those same Democrats demanding justice are strangely silent. How do reparations warrant inaction while Trump’s behavior warrants immediate action? How do the Democrats say that the supposed corruption of four years of Trump's Presidency measures up for an immediate tribunal of the nation's leading prosecutors? While the historically proven 400 years of government-sponsored enslavement, terrorism, and oppression of African American past and present simply water the bridge that must be forgotten or forgiven by those African Americans abused without any action being taken by the nation's leading political party, The Democratic Party. Again, I say fervently that a couple of cabinet seats is not reparations.