Dec. 10, 2020

Unmasked Racist Johns Hopkins, The Family's Dark Secrets Revealed

America's white supremacists think the lies that create historical myths shield them from their oppression past. But what was done in the darkest recesses of racism and hate eventually comes to light. I think Marcus Garvey, once said that the sad truth revealed may take 200 years or more to come to light, but eventually, history will unmask the stained history that supposed esteemed families attempted to hide. The facts will be uncovered because of our persistence to reveal the wrongdoers and now with available digital technology and organizations assisting our communities with those facts, we will unmask your crimes of racial abuse. Yesterday, Johns Hopkins supposedly a highly regarded abolitionist was revealed to be a slave-owning white bigot. His family attempted in 1922 to paint a glorified picture of Johns Hopkins but that picture was only a myth. Listen as I read that article that appeared in yesterday's Baltimore Sun, Johns Hopkins was the founder of both Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Hospital. Not only did Hopkins own slaves he also profited in the transaction of slavery.


12.12.2020 01:36

Maia Hadi

What role do you think American institutions who benefited from chattel slavery play in assisting Afrodescendants in gaining full and complete reparations?

12.12.2020 16:03

Joseph Hall

In order for reparations to be complete it must be sanctioned by the national government that not only profited by the mistreatment of African Americans but it but also ignored obvious acts of racism