Dec. 4, 2020

Remembering December 4, 1969 Fred Hampton's and Mark Clark's Savage Murder

Today In African American History
Crushing Our Movements
Mark Clark and Fred Hampton

When all the agencies of this nation’s law enforcement agencies, along with specific branches of government federal, state, and municipal make the decision that you’re an enemy of the state. What real chance do you truly have to survive? Well, 51 years ago the forces of oppression converged on an Apartment in Chicago with the sole intention of assassinating Fred Hampton and Mark Clark. They both had been targeted by the highest political and police forces of this nation. The tactics used to put these two African American men in the killing zone included the use of African American infiltrators disguised as Black Panther Party supporters who sold out race for the right to be acceptable to white oppressors. Today, I remember the incident that lead to these remarkable black men’s death on that awful day. We should never forget that the war on our race has has always been fought on the land of our ancestors birth.