Nov. 26, 2020

The Black Blogger Writes About Thanksgiving

In the midst of a Civil War that was supposed to define either the greatness and humanity of a nation, or whether that nation would continue to the legal and open oppression of an entire race of people. The Union Army's victory on the bloody, sacred grounds of Gettysburg moved victory even closer over the Confederate rebels who sought to not only maintain the slavery of our African American ancestors but to expand it to the Pacific coastline. So, you can say that Thanksgiving is a day dedicated to the Pilgrims. Thanksgiving is a day dedicated to possibly the true humanity of all races of this nation to live harmoniously together as full citizens. That Union President, Abraham Lincoln created Thanksgiving for the nation's peoples to be thankful and honor the sacrifices of those who sought a better nation. For 157 years we in this nation have been battling the same forces that have continued to maintain inequality and division amongst the races. For 157 years, this nation has yet to fully recognize the true meaning of Thanksgiving. The false historical story told in schools across this nation centers around a kumbaya moment that Native Americans and the Pilgrims had at the Plymouth Rock Settlement and the sharing of a glorious meal. The reality is that Thanksgiving is a day drenched in the blood of the battlefields of this nation's most deadly internal battle, a battle that should've determined whether a race of people who actually defined the greatness of this nation while being enslaved could truly be thankful in that nation, free and clear of oppression and terror. So I can't say and will not say, Happy Thanksgiving until my ancestors' deeds are fully acknowledged by this nation, and the payments due us are received.