Nov. 23, 2020


Happy 74th Birthday to the only person on this planet to beat President Barack Obama in any election is Bobby Rush. Barack Obama attempted to unseat 4 Term Congressman Bobby Rush in 2000. Bobby Rush was representing the 1st Congressional District and Barack Obama thought he was a weakened candidate who could be unseated. Well, what Barack Obama didn’t understand was that Bobby Rush’s relationship and commitment to his constituents was steeled with over 40 years of work attempting to build Black Power for not only the First District but for every African American resident of the City of Chicago. In the primary election the street-wised for Founder of the Chicago Wing of the Black Panthers, Bobby Rush, swamped Barack Obama 61% to 30%. This would be the only election that Barack Obama would suffer in his political career. My fraternity brother, Bobby Rush, taught Obama a hard lesson, a teaching lesson that in order to win in the urban areas of this nation, you had better come correct and pick your upcoming opponents carefully. Happy Birthday Bobby Rush.