Nov. 18, 2020

LOVING YOUR ENEMIES 11/17/1957 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

On November 17, 1957, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. came before his congregants at the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama to preach. Dr. King’s sermon that Sunday morning was “loving your enemies.” After two years of turmoil in Montgomery that began actually a nearly century earlier with the abolition of slavery and supposed freedom of enslaved African Americans in the CONFEDERATE STATES. It was an awfully difficult task for any African American to love those white Americans who hated them so blatantly. To love those white Americans who terrorized and murdered them so openly. To love those white Americans whose government denied them the rights of citizenship so easily. Yet, Dr. King wanted love to overcome hate and malice. He gave a blueprint 63 years ago on loving your enemies even when the task of gaining that love seems insurmountable. Today, I will revisit my reading of that sermon. Why? Because, now more than ever with this nation bursting at seams with renewed racial and class hatred. We need Dr. King’s formula for reconciliation and abiding love more than ever.