Nov. 13, 2020


To all parents of upper elementary and middle school-aged children who are currently learning virtually via the online network. To adults who struggle with literacy there also is way expand your reading capacity. Did you know that a key component of gaining strong literacy skills is having your child listen to a highly proficient reader? Yes, the read-aloud is one excellent tool in the pathway to building a child's literacy suitcase. One reason for my objective and goal was to offer this methodology of the read aloud to the social network. I choose to only read nonfiction historical books focused on our African American ancestors. I also felt that this could be a shared model of instruction. That's why you should listen along with your child whose literacy skills may be lacking to "The Blackman Read Aloud Hour Project." Not only will your child learn about his/her African American history but you can also spend time after the reading session to ask comprehension questions about what was read during the session. Since I read the books from cover to cover you will have sufficient time to have an expansive learning experience. During this time of classroom lockdowns and virtual learning our communities need to fill in the missing gaps of knowledge. Otherwise, our children will lose valuable skills to enhance their reading abilities. Besides, all the books I on my project are nonfiction texts which also is an area of weakness that our children are confronted with. Join me and share my project with others. My reading project is currently going into its fifth year on Facebook Live. I have touched tens of thousands of people during that time. See you everyday around 6:00 PM EST.