Nov. 13, 2020

In Their Actions, My Voice The Montgomery, Alabama Bus Boycott The Trickle Of Justice Begins

On November 13, 1956, The United States Supreme affirmed the Alabama District decision that segregation on the Montgomery, Alabama public buses was in violation of the United States Constitution. This affirmation was by a unanimous​ ​decision of Chief Justice Earl Warren court. The entire city of Jackson's black population refused to ride the city buses for a year. I simply cannot comprehend why our disunity is so disjointed? Those in power continue to deal injustice from the bottom of the deck and we willing accept our terrible hands. Why can’t the majority of African Americans today stand up to the powers to be like the Jackson Mississippians did 65 years ago? Just tell the government until our inequality issues are addressed correctly our communities will not be satisfied. We will not be pushed around or controlled any longer.