Nov. 12, 2020

The Time Is Now To Get What Is Due To Us

Now that the election is over and the Democratic Party has assumed control of the Executive Branch of our government, and, if the African American voters show up again in Georgia on January 3, 2021, for the senatorial runoff elections, the Democratic Party can control possibly both houses of upcoming Congress. Now is truly the time to cash that insufficient check that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. discussed initially on 8/28/1963 and again, during the final days of his life. The Democratic Party’s history in this nation is stained with the blood of our African American ancestors especially during the period between 1877 to 1965. When black codes, Jim Crow, terror, murder, and economic deprivation reigned supreme in the Southern States of this nation. That is why I am calling not on African American representatives to lead the cause for reparations because that should be a given. I am calling on the white elected majority of the Democratic Party to lead the fight for not only a full-fledged Reparations Commission but to ensure that the commission is run fairly and judiciously. Because if that happens I am assured as both the Brookings Institution and the United Nations have indicated the descendants of those African Americans harmed and those living African Americans will be compensated for the losses they incurred. It's time for our votes to count for something other than displacing Donald Trump.