Nov. 2, 2020

Win or Lose We Lose

I have no anxiety about the results of tomorrow’s Presidential election. Why? Because whoever wins  has mandated that African Americans will not be receiving reparations for the sins against our ancestors from 1781-1971. 1971 you say? Yes, 1971 because although the 1964-1965 Civil Rights Bill and Voting Rights were passed by this nation. They certainly were implemented immediately. President Johnson didn’t send a swarm of federal election regulators down south in 1968 to monitor voter suppression did he? I think that the 1972 election of Jimmy Carter was the first election that limited African American voter suppression in a presidential election.  Heck, if you go beyond the voter rights issues to economic rights and equality you might have to run the time span from 1781-2020 because the gap between whites and African Americans economically is still quite significant. If you run the time span for property and home ownership be African Americans it will run from 1781-2020 because the gap is significantly higher and still rising between whites and African Americans. If you include the health and education gap it also is widening between whites and African Americans. So would also run from 1781-2020 as well. So, why be anxious and worried about who wins and loses tomorrow in the presidential election when in the final analysis African Americans seemingly will continue to lose. Until our communities understand that our ancestor's pains are not being addressed by either political party. We lose even when we are supposed to win.