Oct. 31, 2020

My Final Thoughts Election Day 2020

On Tuesday, November 3, 2020, at 11:00 PM the last ballots will be cast in this election. This has been the most strife-ridden presidential election of my lifetime in the black communities. Those of us who didn't step into line with the Democratic ticket were ostracized as racial turncoats for simply being critical of the historical neglect that has been the pattern of the Democratic Party towards African Americans. If you thought critically and asked strategic questions you were automatically placed in the category of supporting Donald Trump when before the election you had been openly critical of this current do-nothing administration. If you openly criticized Kamala Harris’s record you stood the chance to lose lifelong friends. If you attempted to ask the Democratic Party to stand up to meeting the demands of reparations for African Americans. You were told the request was idiotic and senseless because the issue was a non-starter. So why muddy the waters. You were told that if you didn't vote, certain death would come to all of your friends and relations. Fear was the catchword. Also, you dishonored all of your deceased ancestors who fought life and limb for the basic rights of humanity. So, I am personally happy to see the end of this madness that has been availed on our communities across this nation. What will we truly get from our votes this year related to our day to day lives? Will the Covid 19 virus mysteriously disappear? Will the year our young African American children lost in education ever truly be recovered? Will businesses that closed due to the virus ever open again in our communities? Will the winning political party address the needs of the African American communities? Or will we as a nation within this nation continue to be last on the totem pole in terms of policy implementation? Whether I voted or not to me is insignificant because for 48 years I voted and never gained a damn thing that truly impacted the majority of my people. But I will continue to be that voice of discontent on Wednesday morning November 4, 2020.


01.11.2020 03:51

patricia fero

I was going to tell you a story.. Can't. won't fit.