Oct. 28, 2020

America’s Myth For African Americans

168 years ago Frederick Douglass verbally assaulted America’s myth of freedom as it related to not only the enslaved African Americans bound in chains by the evilness of institutional slavery but Frederick Douglass also verbally assaulted the American myth of freedom for those African Americans who had escaped the chains of slavery and secured some microscopic level of freedom in this nation. Today, in 2020 American myth of absolute freedom for African Americans is still a huge question mark. The gaps that exist between white and black Americans is still substantially large in the major facets of life. If you look at the specific areas of health, education, economics, housing, environmental concerns, social and civil rights. You will still find America’s myth of African American equality that Frederick Douglass addressed in 1852 still relevant and prevalent in 2020. 95% of our African American ancestors were enslaved in 1852. But in 2020 why does this system that was supposed to lead to our equality after the Civil War still fail us? Ida Belle Wells stated that America failed us totally in 1865 when setting us free but setting us adrift with nothing that would allow us to really any level of full equality. Not one pug nickel or even an inch of land was how she stated it. Today, as we continue to fight for our measure of freedoms and gap building policies. We have dissension in our communities because we have failed to comprehend that our problems lead directly back to the insufficient payments we never received that other ethnic groups did receive enabling them to secure some elements of the American Dream. Until we as a people unite on the issue of being made whole due to the harms inflicted on us and our ancestors. We will continue to be fooled by the myth that Frederick Douglass exposed in 1852. The answers to our problems don’t lie in political party affiliations that lie in gaining policies that will uproot the evils that have impaired our communities. Today, I look back on this statement that Mr. Douglass made in 1852 with the knowledge that his words still ring true today about the myth of America’s mission of true African American equality across the board of this nation.