Oct. 27, 2020

My African Proverb For Overcoming Obstacles

I remember hearing the African proverb "a live dog is better than a dead lion". To me it meant that no matter your circumstances that you are confronted with. You do have the internal ability to overcome that seemingly insurmountable obstacle. You don't have to resort to a negative solution that inflicts personal harm on yourself, or anyone else.  That live dog that you think you are personally can overcome the obstacle that dead lion now has no chance to defeat or defend.


Just simply take the first step forward, then take another step forward, an another, an another, with each step the circumstances that looked insurmountable moves further and further away in the rearview mirror of life's experiences. Always focus your mind towards the future because it is the future that contains that solution. Just maybe, just maybe, that barrier you felt had no resolution or solution can indeed be defined as solvable even resolvable. You must understand that you hold the key to your issues in life. Sometimes the answers will not reveal themselves immediately. Just don't give in to hopelessness and press the button that will cause negative repercussions and don't make a decision or create an action that harms you or someone else.


You see can overcome the problem it's certainly not insurmountable. Take a moment or moments to reflect, analyze, and comprehend. Then make the move that you know will bring about the desired result. We sometimes move on impulse when impulse can cause tremendous damage or pain. We should understand and know that given another day that a dead lion doesn’t have, may indeed provide another opportunity.

So keep that thought in mind, another day to confront the obstacle. If the obstacle is life or death then you still take a moment,and maybe what you thought was life or death really wasn't. My sincere hope is that we all can make the calls that lead to life, not death, of your dreams and hopes. In this nation it seems we’ve been feeding on bones of oppression and depravity for far too long.