Oct. 26, 2020

You May Try, However Black Brilliance Is Difficult To Erase

212 years ago Benjamin Banneker died on October 26, 1806. Today I pay homage to Mr. Banneker by reading the letter to Thomas Jefferson as well as Thomas​ Jefferson's response to Benjamin Banneker. Mr. Banneker was truly one of the most intelligent of men to ever live in history. His genius was not to be denied nor would he allow it to be ​silenced by white supremacy. On the day of his burial, Benjamin Banneker's home and all of his belongings were burnt to the ground. The jealousy of white supremacy attempted to erase Mr Banneker’s legacy from America’s historical legacy,but it didn’t work. Why? Because Mr Banneker’s black brilliance was simply too powerful for the eraser of white supremacy.
Yet so many other blacks who were as brilliant as Mr. Banneker were erased from this nation’s history simply because of the color of their skin. It is our responsibility to shine the light on them.