Oct. 24, 2020

Ida Belle Wells-Barnett & The Civil Rights Congress

20 years after Ida Belle Wells-Barnett passed away in Chicago in 1931. The Civil Rights Congress lead by William Patterson and Paul Robeson went before the United Nations and charged America with genocide based on the terrorism that was being inflicted on our African American ancestors across this nation that was supposedly the home of the free as well as home of the brave. The red stain of bloodied hatred that was the rule of the white mobs in the Southland should’ve been a disgrace to America but the acts of violence were notably ignored by all levels of America’s governments. The battle that was initiated by Ida Belle Wells-Barnett in 1892 continued on December 17, 1951 when Paul Robeson and William Patterson delivered the documented proof of the atrocities against African Americans that were being ignored by the so-called world leader of democracy. Please visit my blog as I read the document delivered that day to the United Nations declaring that America was an enemy to its own citizens.