Oct. 17, 2020

Black Folks Let’s Love Each Other An Optimist’s Pledge

"It's the little things in life that show one's compassion for others, it maybe that that unexcepted thank you when someone favors you with their time, ti maybe that warm glance of appreciation you give someone just for being there, it could be that warm understanding smile when words aren’t readily available, it also could be having a firm belief in the abilities of others before a service is rendered, you can indeed gain so much more in life when you provide someone that outward sign of respect, it can provide even more intrinsic value than giving someone something material in value, because honestly we don’t always seem on a day to day basis to give respect and caring without a cost demand in return. So, today and tomorrow tomorrow’s
give that unexpected smile, that surprising encouraging word, and of course that welcomed thank you. It will make the person who receives those gifts you give them without demand exceedingly appreciative."

One World, One Love, & Our Only Time Around So Make It Special