Oct. 14, 2020


“In 1492, the Atlantic Ocean was quite blue that's before the Atlantic Ocean became a black man's bloody stew. Long before Columbus's lie of discovery grew, who knew? The natives of North America saw the ships that bore the ills and deadly body chills shortly after 1492. Exterminate, eliminate, eviscerate, annihilate alienate that was native Americans eventual fate because of the Europeans honoring this date in 1492. How long can this lie last when you understand that the bloody dye was cast in 1492? You can be assured that natives of red skin and brown surely don't have a blast you see millions of them died really fast after 1492. When the Atlantic Ocean was quite blue and before the middle passage became the black man's bloody stew. You see only a few can celebrate 1492 knowing the malignancy of a faked discovery of Christopher Columbus in the year 1492."