Sep. 25, 2020

Become A Reparationist:No More Begging

Dr. Kelly Miller was born on July 23, 1863, and he died 76 years later on December 29, 1939. Dr.Kelly Miller was an America mathematician, sociologist, essayist, newspaper columnist, author, and an important figure in the intellectual life of black America for close to half a century. He was known as "the Bard of the Potomac". Dr. Kelly Miller was instrumental in creating Howard University’s College of Arts and Science. He was a powerful intellectual force, whose words often spoke truth to power. The following is an excellent example of Dr. Miller’s insight on the conditions that African Americans faced after the Civil War, Black Reconstruction, and the infamous Jim Crow barriers created by federal, state, and municipal governments to oppress our ancestors. For far too long the African American population has been excoriated from the table of opportunity in this nation. As Howard University professor Kelly Miller stated with a profoundly provoking thought in the United States the negro pays for what he or she needs and begs for what he or she begs fruitlessly those essential needs demanded by a society to produce an ample quality of life.

  • African Americans would never be allowed to fully gain a foothold in this nation. Because this nation has determined that our ancestors climb upwards to some defined level of equality would never materialize. Our ancestors were forced to pay higher prices for the wants needed to exist. Then, when we reached any level of proficiency in life the needs necessary to boost our positions were denied. These acts of economic and political illegitimacy were forced upon our ancestors by both political parties. That’s why now after four centuries we can longer accept anything less than concrete tangibles that are due because of that oppression. That is why I have decided to create the #reparationist movement. Because only through reparations can we as an African American community be made hold. Join me. I have trademarked the word and I hope that this mobilization will make one of reparationists following the dictates of the ADOS MODEL.


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Bruce C,

I absolutely agree.