Sep. 24, 2020


The Black Blogger’s Thoughts
Confrontation In The Streets
Why? Reparations, Now!

The only government supported scholarly research studies this nation should be supporting is the establishment of a multi-national reparations commission that will determine how those reparations will be distributed to African Americans whose descendants were enslaved as well as economically deprived as a result of the century-long Jim Crow legislative mandates that were implemented after the supposed end of institutional enslavement in 1865. It ”must” be a bi-partisan undertaking that will be supported by every branch of this nation's government especially the legislative branch that will create the reparations bill that will be signed by the President. This is the only way that racial reconciliation between black and white Americans can move forward. Way too many crimes of oppression have been visited upon African-Americans in the history of this nation to move ahead without a concerted move towards reparations of those oppressive acts committed by this nation’s majority race against our African American ancestors for over four centuries.