Sep. 19, 2020

A Black Blogger’s View On Advise and Consent

So many people in this nation I’ve noticed today
have no understanding of the US CONSTITUTION as it relates to a PRESIDENTIAL NOMINATION for replacing a SUPREME COURT JUSTICE SEAT. The process is labeled as ADVISE AND CONSENT. It’s as if no one or very few listened during classes on the US Government.

Right now the REPUBLICAN PARTY controls both parts of that process. The current President Trump who ADVISES and the US SENATE which CONSENTS. This is entirely different than the 2016 situation involving Obama’s selection of Garland, in that case the process was split with a Democratic President controlling ADVISE and the Republican Senators controlling CONSENT. With Democratic Procedural Filibuster now being able to be halted with a SIMPLE MAJORITY VOTE by the Republicans. Trump and McConnell hold all the “Trump Cards” on this stacked deck.

Expect a quick name to be sent by Trump to the Senate. The name may even be put before the Senate by Trump before Ginsburg is placed in the ground. Rest assured the Republican Party will not choose to lose out on this opportunity to effect the balance of the SUPREME COURT for at least a generation or more. If the Democratic Party was in the same position they would be doing the same thing. You see, the SUPREME COURT JUSTICE is a lifetime appointment.

I am hearing talk by democratic advocates of stacking the SUPREME COURT should Biden win. Well, that won’t happen because it has been tried before by FDR in 1937. Guess who would rule on that legislation if passed by Congress and signed by Biden? Right, TRUMP’S SUPREME COURT JUSTICES. So, forget about that solution. You had better go the Constitution and read:

“While most of the Senate-related clauses of the Constitution are included in Article I, which creates the legislative branch of the federal government, it is Article II, section 2 that gives the Senate the exclusive right to provide advice and consent to the president on treaties and nominations.”

When Trump was elected who would’ve thought that a man of his diminished character and intellectual dimension would’ve been given the right to select 1/3 of seated Supreme Court Justices? The framers of the Constitution, yes, those framers that wrote African Americans were 3/5 human established advise and consent. Now, we must suck it up and face the consequence. That my friends is my thoughts on advise and consent this afternoon.