Sep. 4, 2020

Reflecting Labor Day 2020

Today’s African American Moment

Tomorrow morning on my blog the annual special tribute to African American labor on Labor Day Weekend 2020. We are more responsible for the prosperity of this nation than even our African American communities comprehend. It is vital that we gain the knowledge necessary to pursue what is rightfully ours to pursue, reparations. That was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s final dream. Are we as a community going to allow that dream to evaporate without action towards its achievement? I mean, are we really that beaten down as a people to give in to those barriers placed in the way of gaining reparations. Our ancestors worked so hard, sacrificed life and limb, sweat and blood, working tirelessly from sun to no sun to moonlight, working in the blistering southern sun, working during torrid storms, working during chains of enslavement, or Jim Crow's vile underpayment, or Jim Crow's penal entrapment, and working endlessly to feed their hungry families while America cared only of building the white man's economic prosperity. America didn't have a moment's care of African American economic, social, or civil empowerment. Yes, Labor Day Weekend is our weekend to demand what is rightfully ours to demand, reparations, now, not later. The demand must be directed to both political parties, now not later. No reparations no goddamn vote.