Aug. 31, 2020

Coach Big John Thompson

John Thompson Jr. was the very first African American Head Coach to win the Division 1 NCAA College Basketball Tournament. When his 1984 Georgetown Hoya team beat the Houston Cougars for the crown as America’s greatest college basketball team that season. However, no matter how great that accomplishment what I will remember most about John Thompson’s coaching career is his comforting Fred Brown after Fred Brown’s on the court error in mistakenly passing the basketball to Sam Worthy as the Georgetown Hoyas were attempting to win that first NCAA BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT in 1982. That showed the nature of the greatness that was John Thompson. How he handled that situation because he could’ve stewed and went off on the mistake of Fred Brown. But in that moment John knew that Fred Brown needed a coach with compassion not a win driven coach. Because even in defeat John Thompson made Fred Brown’s worst moment a teaching moment of handling the trials and tribulations of life.