Aug. 28, 2020

We’re Marching To Where Barack?

We're Marching ..... That was thrust and primary objective of the Obama message on the 50th anniversary of the jobs and freedom march on the Washington Mall.... There was not one specific note of optimism regarding reparations from Obama but what would you except to get from America’s President? He totally ignored Martin Luther King Jr.’s final primary objective from 1968 which actually lead to his murder in Memphis, reparations. The first President of Color ignored the dying plea of MLK with a even simpler plead of futility, we’re marching. Marching where? Marching for what? Oh, and don’t forget at the same time we’re marching. His administration is bombing. Does Obama really believe that MLK who identified militarism as one of the major sins of this nation before he was murdered would be on board with the missile -laden drones flying over the heads of black and brown babies in the Middle East and Africa? I don't think so President Obama. You had the mantle of leadership today to crush this insidious urge by the Radical Right to discredit your Presidency and all your brilliant speak writers came up with was We're Marching? Why not tell America that injustice and poverty in the African American communities of our nation was unacceptable and present a plan to end it? Why not mention HR 40 and say that it’s time for the nation to address the sins inflicted on African American communities.
I did like how you credited the marchers of 1963 who came from every nook and cranny of American life. However, why were former Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter able to speak of the injustices of this current society and not you? I know you are uncomfortable with being labeled a Black President but you are so own up too it. I think we can see that President Obama came up as Martin Luther King Jr Lite today as Tavis Smiley recently warned us. Oh and by the way why are the children of MLK given so much leeway in their speeches? I mean Bernice King was 5 months old yet she starts to turn her speech into a moralistic blast at Black Americans? That's the way I saw it today sorry but at 60 I cannot state anything other than REAL TALK and oh course We’re Marching.