Aug. 27, 2020

Sick Leave

When Paul Robeson made his stance against the injustice that was being perpetrated against African Americans in this nation in 1949 for the following views on the Spanish Civil War, labor, segregation, colonialism, and other issues were considered “un-American.” Paul Robeson was the highest-paid African American artist in the world. He sacrificed his wealth, his popularity, even his standing in the African American community for his principles over injustice. Muhammad Ali made his stance against the United States military drafting him into the armed forces in 1967 by state unequivocally that not one Vietcong had called him nigger. Ali sacrificed ho wealth, his popularity, even his standing in the African American community. Yesterday when the African American basketball players in NBA, including LeBron James and the players on the Milwaukee Bucks, Orlando Magic, Houston Rockets, Oklahoma City Thunder, and LA Clippers, along with a few teams in Major League Baseball and the Nationa Football League decided to take a stance against the injustices perpetrated against African Americans through police brutality as reflected by the attack on Jacob Blake. They took the day off, didn’t sacrifice a damn thing, still got paid and where back to work today. How fitting was this show. They decided today it wasn’t worth the effort of sacrificing any of their dough.


27.08.2020 22:26

Charles Davis

There were others too.Ali lost his title and was banned from boxing for protesting the Vietnam war. Tommy Smith and John Carlos lost their medals and had their lives ruined in 1968.

27.08.2020 22:15

Charles Davis

I agree, but The Lakers and Clippers had voted to cancel the season. On CNN earlier, they reported that Lebron was very upset and vocal in his disagreement for continuing.