Aug. 27, 2020

1956 To 2020 Not Much Has Changed In America Celebrate Dubois

57 years ago, on the day before the March For Jobs and Freedom at the Mall in Washington, D.C., WEB Dubois passed away in his newfound home of Ghana. Disenchanted, disgusted, and dismayed by the treatment of African Americans by his former home Dubois 7 years earlier wrote an article in The Nation magazine indicting the 2 party system of the United States. Fast forward 64 years from that article to 2020 and Dubois would be just as dismayed, disenchanted, and disgusted with the current state affairs of this nation's so-called democracy. Rather than hundreds of thousands of dollars in 1956 to be a US Senator, the cost is now more than 10 million dollars in 2020. It doesn't matter which political party that individual supports. The cost of the presidential campaign runs into the billions, billions with a B dollars. Corporate glad-handing and lobbying is a fundamental requirement no matter whose ticket you support. If you really think that these officeholders are beholden to the populists. You are dreaming. That's why in order to really get any move towards real substantive change we have to be strategic in how we value that vote. Voting for Biden because he's just a little better than Trump isn't a strategy. We need to tell both parties what we want to get our vote or ignore them totally. That’s Dubois could not vote in 56. He was tired of playing this foolish political game.