Aug. 26, 2020

Where Are Two Goddamn Horses Worth 16 Innocent Black Souls, Only In America

Please, don't let them do sweep the crimes of white mobs against our ancestors under the rug of ignorance. On August 26, 1874, only 9 years after the end of the Civil War on the border of West Tennessee in a town named Trenton, at 1:00 am in the morning a blood thirsty mob of white terrorists went into the jailhouse and took 16 black men. They either shot, hung, or burned all 16 men. The actual crime these men were suspected of was killing two horses. Yes, two goddamn horses were valued more than the lives of 16 black Americans.

I cannot understand why Black Americans aren't more aggressive in seeking financial reparations for the horrible, sadistic crimes that were perpetrated against our ancestor's men, women, and children. I mean no trial. no jury, no judge, just a mob of vicious white men thirsting for black blood and revenge. I wonder how many more blacks would've died had Jackson's Boys set foot in Trenton after this incident. This deadly incident occurred during the so-called period of reconstruction, or reconciliation after the Civil War. It's horrific white mob events like these that make the fight for reparations all the more powerful and just. Of course today’s Republican Party ignores our plead for reparations. While the Democratic Party games African Americans for their support and then aligns its policies to satisfy other minority groups while ignoring the pleads of its most ardent supporters.